Moving In


The list of things to think about when preparing to move into a new home seems endless. Labeling cardboard boxes, stocking up on packing tape, and hiring a moving service is only half the battle. More often than not, it's the things you don't think about ahead of time that cause the most frustration when you arrive in your new place.


  1. Lighten up
    - The biggest mistake to make when moving is keeping too much stuff. Moving time is a great time to re-organize and get rid of unused things. Consider having a yard sale, selling unwanted things on or, or donating to charity.
  2. Clean up
    - What better time to clean that before you move in. Face it your home will probably not be empty again.
  3. Pack rooms together
    - It will make unpacking less of a hassle.


  • Prioritize
    - Unpack the most important rooms first. If you eat out often, unpacking the kitchen is something that can wait, but if you work from home, you'll need to have your office and computer up and running.
  • Paper products
    - Face it, unpacking takes time and life will be much simpler if you have plenty of paper plates and towels to simplify clean up.
  • Furniture Sliders
    - Save your back placing heavy furniture and prevent unwanted scratches in your new floors


Explore the Neighborhood - It's always a good idea to get to know the new neighbors

MAKE IT YOURS!! -A house is never a home until you add those finishing touches. Inexpensive things like a new coat of paint, new d├ęcor from a flea market, or a personalized mailbox even can make your new house into your home.