The Pendergrass Promiseā„¢


Pendergrass Real Estate was founded on "The Golden Rule". Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This Promise is not to be taken lightly or nonchalantly. Throughout our business endeavors we strive to serve our customers, clients, other business professionals, and public without sacrificing moral standards in business practices continually striving to be fair, honest, courteous, open, upfront, direct in all manners, and with the utmost dignity and confidentiality. The needs and rights of our customers, clients, and the public shall be highly regarded and placed before our own, never to allow greed to interfere in sound judgment or misrepresentation of facts. We shall exude a fervent commitment to not only maintain the high standards in our field but, to continuously strive to further educate ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers, clients, and the public.

Aaron Pendergrass